What is Travel for Travellers?

Travel for Travellers by GLP Worldwide is a brand new collection of small-ship cruise and land experiences assembled with Canadian travellers in mind. Pairing exceptional destinations with unique itineraries, our programs are for those who want to stray off the beaten path—without compromising comfort. They’re handpicked to suit your travel style: part adventure, part luxury, and fully experiential. If you’ve already done the tourist circuit and are ready to get more out of your next trip, this is it.

GLP Worldwide is also rolling out a fresh marketing approach. Travel for Travellers gives agents the tools they need to present the vision, streamline the sales process, and ultimately deliver a memorable and authentic experience for their clients. We are proud to offer these curated programs to both travellers and agents.

More about GLP Worldwide

Founded in 1999 by Patrick Tsung and Gordon Dreger, GLP Worldwide prides itself on catering to travellers seeking awe-inspiring destinations, novel experiences, and authentic cultural immersion. We partner with lesser-known marine and land operators —the ones that you might only come across if you happened to be in that part of the world. Offering expert industry knowledge and personal insights, GLP Worldwide is a company built by travellers themselves.


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