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Daily Overview

Day Destination Activities
2 Delos


See Delos, an important archeological site

Experience life on the island of Mykonos

3 Santorini Join an excursion to some of Santorini’s attractions
4 Crete Explore Rethymnon, Crete’s exciting port

Optional excursion to the ancient city of Knossos

5 Kythira Morning spent cruising, with a swim stop

Enjoy time at your leisure in Chora

6 Monemvassia


Discover a remarkable fortified medieval town

See Nafplion’s charming old quarter

7 Nafplion


Optional tour to the archaeological site of Mycenae

Explore Hydra at your leisure

8 Athens Breakfast


Detailed Itinerary


In the early afternoon, join the ship at Marina Zea on the eastern coast of the Piraeus peninsula near Athens, Greece. The ship sets sail via Cape Sounion to the island of Kea. After dinner, enjoy some free time to explore Korissia, Kea’s quaint port. Later, the ship departs for Delos, with the night spent at sea.



This morning, embark on an optional excursion to the island of Delos, one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece. The excavations conducted here are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean, revealing Delos—the supposed birthplace of Apollo and Artemis—to be a significant mythological and historical site.

After, sail to the port of Tourlos in Mykonos, with a stop to enjoy the warm tropical sea along the way. This afternoon, leave the ship to get a glimpse of the cosmopolitan lifestyle on this Cyclades island. The ship moors in port tonight.



Today, find yourself on the island of Santorini, where you’ll have the option to experience the dramatic volcanic caldera, tour archaeological sites, explore typical villages, and take in sweeping views of the cerulean Aegean Sea before the ship sets sail for Crete in the evening.



This morning, the ship sails into Rethymnon, Crete’s famously lively port. Set off on an optional tour to the ancient city of Knossos, near Heraklion. Late in the evening, the ship departs for Kythira and spends the night at sea.



Cool off with a late morning swim stop before arriving in Kythira in the afternoon. This lesser-known island gem is quickly becoming a preferred destination for visitors to the Mediterranean. Spend an evening at your leisure in the postcard-perfect town of Chora, and experience the subtle charms of this relaxed locale. The ship moors in Kythira for the night.



In the early morning hours, the ship sets sail for Monemvassia. Here, discover a remarkable fortified town, and enjoy ample time at your leisure to discover its well-preserved Byzantine and Venetian architecture against a naturally stunning backdrop. Monemvassia is the birthplace of world-renowned Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos, who once described his hometown as a “stone ship” about to set sail through time—this is evidenced by the medieval town centre, carved out of the island’s slate-coloured rock.

In the early afternoon, the ship departs for Nafplion, with a stop for a swim off the boat prior to your arrival in the evening. Nafplion’s old quarter is charming, with its narrow streets and historic architecture. Take in the view of the impressive medieval fortifications both in the port and crowning the hilltop. The ship moors overnight in Nafplion.



This morning, set off on an optional tour to Mycenae. Situated on a rocky outcrop, this acropolis’ structures date back to the 13th century, when the powerful Mycenaean civilization was at its cultural and artistic peak.

In the early afternoon, the ship departs for the island of Hydra, and the afternoon is at your leisure to explore the island’s picturesque port. The ship spends the night moored here.



Following breakfast, disembark at Marina Zea, where you will prepare for your onward journey.


Dates & Prices

Itinerary Code (Name of Itinerary)  Itinerary Start Date  Ship Name  Route Duration (Nights) Category Pricing PP
ONME-01 (Classical Greece) 5/19/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
5/26/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
6/2/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
6/9/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
6/16/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
6/23/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
6/30/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
7/7/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
7/14/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
7/21/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
7/28/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
8/4/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
8/11/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
8/18/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
8/25/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
9/1/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
9/8/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
9/15/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
9/22/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
9/29/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
10/6/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
10/13/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
10/20/2017 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,550 $4,260 $4,820 $5,330
4/27/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
5/4/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
5/11/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
5/18/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
5/25/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
6/1/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
6/8/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
6/15/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
6/22/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
6/29/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
7/6/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
7/13/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
7/20/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
7/27/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
8/3/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
8/10/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
8/17/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
8/24/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
8/31/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
9/7/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
9/14/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
9/21/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
9/28/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
10/5/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
10/12/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390
10/19/2018 M/Y Harmony G Athens/Athens 7 $3,730 $4,240 $4,810 $5,390

Port Charges included for 2017 sailings: $370
Port charges included for 2018 sailings: $410

Terms and Conditions


  • Accommodation in double or twin cabins with private SH/WC & air conditioning.
  • Half-board: Buffet breakfast and one meal daily, including a Welcome Cocktail, a Greek night Evening, fun BBQ, weather permitting) and Captain’s Dinner.
  • Regular (filter) coffee, tea and drinking water free all day.
  • Use of fishing and snorkelling equipment (subject to availability).
  • English-Speaking Cruise Escort.

Ship Details

M/Y Harmony G

BuiltLengthDecksCabinsPassengersCabin Size
2001; Refurbished 201354m214410.5-18m²More Details

Travel Tips

Greece – Classical Greece

Travel Documents


Greece is a European Schengen area country. Canadian citizens should ensure that their passports are valid for 3 months after the last date of travel in the Schengen area.

Citizens of other countries should consult with their travel agent or our office.


Canadian citizens are allowed entry into Greece without tourist visas when visiting for less than 3 months (90 days).

Packing List

        A handy checklist of what to bring on your trip can be downloaded here.


We strongly recommend the purchase of appropriate travel insurance for any trip outside of Canada. Information on travel insurance options can be found here.


Smoking is not permitted indoors on the ship but there are designated areas on the outside decks where one can smoke. It’s also not permitted in Greece to smoke in hotel guestrooms.


Summer temperatures ranging from mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

April to June – Warm climate with temperatures in the low 20’s to low 30’s.

July-September- Warmer climate with temperatures in the high 20’s to mid 30’s.

August- Hottest month of the year. Temperatures in the 30’s and sometimes even in the 40’s so make sure you protect yourself from the sun. Average temperature of the sea is mid 20’s.

Arrival / Departure

The closest airport to Piraeus is the Athens International Airport, which is about a 45 minute drive away from the port of Marina Zea where you will embark the ship.

Once you have booked your trip, we will provide detailed instructions on where in Pireaus, Greece to check-in for your cruise.

There are a lot of interesting tourist attractions and activities in Athens, we highly recommend a stay here before or after your voyage. Have a look at some of our Pre and Post Tours.

The ship will not be ready for check-in before midday (unless otherwise stipulated in the itinerary). If you have any luggage that you need to have booked in so you can enjoy some free time in port, the purser may be able to accommodate you provided we know in advance.

The cruise will finish in the morning on the final day. It is necessary to have settled your onboard account and to have disembarked by this time as instructed by the cruise director on the day before.


The official currency in Greece is the Euro.

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted by larger shops and restaurants in Greece. However, when possible, carry enough Euros for the day and charge what you can to your credit cards.

ATM’s accepting most international debit and credit cards can be found in towns/cities.

Gratuities (Tipping)

The gratuity suggested by the cruise line is USD 13 – 16 per guest per day.

Of course, gratuities are always at your discretion and the above recommendations are assuming you are thoroughly satisfied with services rendered. All gratuities will be equally divided amongst the entire crew.


Laundry service is available for a small fee. Unfortunately, dry cleaning is not available.

Services & Activities On board

Aboard your yacht you will will receive a Welcome Cocktail. You’ll find an elegant dining room, spacious sun decks and comfortable lounges. No pools are on board as it is common for our guests to swim off our ships or for passengers to reach beaches by tender.  

There are fins, masks and snorkels available on board for use during the swim stops which are subject to availability. You can also find a small borrowing library as well as board games and playing cards for your amusement. Movies are often shown in the vessels’ Lounges, so please check in the Daily Program for show times.

Sports activities: Swimming off the ships is possible as well as snorkeling.  


Shore excursions will be offered on board but are always subject to weather and docking conditions and a minimum number of participants. They can be purchased on board at an extra cost.

Excursions will usually involve a fair amount of walking and quite a lot of stairs. If you have difficulty walking any distances, please let us know in advance and we will advise you on the best way that we can accommodate you.

Please refer to our website or consult the purser on board for additional information.

Regrettably, most of our excursions are not suitable for guests in a wheelchair.

Activity Level / Strenuousness

Light to Moderate – At most, participation in the shore excursions requires the ability to walk reasonable distances.

Note that the high temperatures in the summer months may make participation on this trip more strenuous than you may be accustomed to compared to the climate at home.

Food and Beverages

Breakfast and one meal daily are included in your voyage. All drinks on board (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) are subject to extra charges.

You can’t have a Greek dish without olive oil. Olive oil is used liberally in cooking, salads, and drizzled over most dips and dishes. Olive oil is also said to be very healthy so don’t feel bad when indulging in some deliciously made Greek dishes.

Greek meals usually include classic dips such as tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic), melitzanosalata (aubergine), and fava (creamy split pea purée). The delectable taramasalata (fish roe dip) is a must.  This mouth watering creamy blend of pink or white fish roe with either a potato or bread base is best with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon.

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll enjoy this favourite Greek dish. Greeks love sweets, often based in olive oil and honey combinations, with flaky filo pastry.  The classic baklava is a start, layering honey, filo and ground nuts.

The Greek Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece. Ouzo is either produced by partial distillation or the admixture of plain alcohol with aromatic herbs. Traditional Raki and Tsipouro.
 Apart from ouzo, Greece is known for these considerably stronger distilled local drinks that are homemade with the harvest of grapes from autumn.


The language spoken on board is primarily English. In general, there is a multilingual environment and you will have a chance to mix with a variety of nationalities. Excursions and public announcements are always in English.

The official language of Greece is Greek. However, in most of the stops along the way, you will find that the local people speak at least some, if not fluent, English.

Medical Facilities

There are no medical personnel on board the ship. However, crew members are trained in first aid and the purser can contact onshore medical people for emergency and nonemergency situations and evacuation can be facilitated in the most urgent cases.

Cabin Amenities

All cabins have private, nicely appointed bathrooms fitted with WC/showers. All cabins are air-conditioned and connected to a piped music system. There is a telephone for intra ship communication. Our ship contains in lounge TV’s with satellite channels with at least a few English speaking programs. There are hairdryers in each cabin, flat-screen TV’s, safe boxes, mini-fridges and DVD players in the cabins.

The ship’s generator provides an electric voltage of 220V. Cabins are fitted with European type plugs so please remember to bring an adaptor if necessary.

For more details, please visit the Ships section on our website.

Phone & Internet

There is a phone in each cabin. Outgoing call rates are very high as a satellite connection is the only one possible.

WIFI is available in certain areas of the ship at a modest charge. As it is a satellite connection, internet speed will be very slow and we suggest it be used for urgent matters only.

If you would like to have regular data and phone connection while on land, we suggest either arranging an overseas roaming plan with your mobile operator, or pick up a local SIM card if you have an unlocked phone.


Aboard the M/Y Harmony G there are no recreational facilities for children and reservations for those under the age of eleven are not advised. However, should you choose to bring children along please take into consideration that children onboard are their parents’/guardians sole responsibility.

Health / Vaccinations

There are no vaccinations required to travel to Greece. However, we suggest you consult your physician with any specific personal requirements for this program.

As always, we recommend being in good health prior to any long distance travel.

Safety & Security

Greece like any place in the world is generally but not completely safe. Greece has undergone significant governmental change in the last few years. Late night strolls alone are not advisable especially for women. Being tourists in a city, security measures should be taken. When going out it’s recommended that you not take any valuables or travel documents along to reduce the chances of having an unfortunate incident. Petty crime including pickpocketing and bag snatching may occur in Athens, Greece.  When in Athens, it’s advised that you not walk in the Monastiraki and Omonia districts or after dark as well as around the Larissa and Peloponissos railway/bus stations.

Jewelry, money, documents, etc., should be placed in your individual safe deposit boxes or given to the captain who will deposit items in the ship’s safe boxes free of charge.

To enhance public safety, police officers patrol subway stations, bus terminals and other public places. They are dedicated to improving the security of foreigners.

More information on this from the Canadian government can be obtained at:

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