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Daily Overview

Day Destination Activities
2 Tuamoto Archipelago Explore the village on foot

Enjoy a BBQ picnic, swimming, and snorkeling

3 At Sea Unwind on deck and take in stunning views

On board lectures and activities

4 Taiohae


Explore Taiohae and travel to Hatiheu

See the Taipivai Valley’s stone tikis

5 Ua Pou Meet local artisans and hike up the nearby hill

Sample Marquesan staples and specialties

6 Tahuata

Hiva Oa

Learn about Tahuata’s fascinating history

See the village where Paul Gaugin lived

7 Omoa

Hanavave Bay

Discover Omoa’s traditional way of life

See awe-inspiring Hanavave Bay

8 Puamau


In Mea’e Ipona, visit the impressive tikis

Stop for a swim and tour Hanaiapa

9 Ua Huka Visit a local museum and explore the island
10 Nuku Hiva

Ua Pou

Enjoy some free time in the town centre

In Hakahau, hike or laze on the beach

11 At Sea Unwind on deck and take in stunning views

On board lectures and activities

12 Rangiroa Go scuba diving or visit a pearl farm

Or, spend a lazy day on the white sand beach

13 Bora Bora Beach time and picnic

Choose from a variety of optional excursions


Detailed Itinerary


In the mid-morning, join the ship at the Pape’ete dock.



Arrive in the small, oval-shaped atoll of Takapoto, located in the Tuamotu Archipelago, in the morning. A short walk through the village will bring you to your own little paradise—a white sand beach where you’ll enjoy a delicious barbeque picnic, swimming, and snorkeling in the translucent lagoon among the colourful ballet of tropical fish. Local art and handicrafts will be available at the beach. Return to the ship in the late afternoon.



Take the day to unwind and relax on one of the sun decks or in the comfort of our air-conditioned lounge. Or, why not simply enjoy the views of the endless South Pacific Ocean as we make our way to the captivating Marquesas Islands. Today, lectures on Marquesan culture and history will send you back in time, giving you insight into this fascinating ancient civilization.

During the cruise, you will also get the opportunity to learn how to move your hips like a true Tahitian! The spirited Polynesian crew will proudly introduce you to their way of life and entertain you with Polynesian songs and rhythms on their ukuleles, guitars, and drums.



Go out on deck to fully appreciate the ship’s arrival in Taiohae’s spectacular bay, a giant volcanic amphitheater dominated by towering cliffs and plunging waterfalls. As the Aranui unloads its freight, you can explore Taiohae, the Marquesas’ small administrative centre.

In 1842, a 23-year-old Herman Melville jumped a whaling ship with one of his buddies in the bay. You’ll follow their escape route along steep, winding mountain roads to the village of Hatiheu to visit the archaeological site of Kamuihei.

Lunch will be served at Yvonne’s Restaurant, one of the best in the Marquesas. Here, the specialty is the Hima’a, which involves hours of cooking in an underground oven. You will meet Yvonne, the owner and chef, who also happens to be the town’s energetic former mayor.

After lunch, travel to Taipivai Valley. The area is dotted with stone tikis, sacred ritual sites (me’ae), and immense stone platforms (paepae) on which the Taipi built their houses. Enigmatic petroglyphs of birds, sacred turtles, and fish are carved on huge boulders. Hikers may choose to take a steep trail to visit the Paeke site. After, the ship’s whaleboats will pick you up from Taipivai Beach.



From the decks this morning, you’ll see the soaring mountain spires unique to Ua Pou, the third-largest of the Marquesas Islands. While the crew unloads supplies—including everything from cement to sugar, along with loads of sacks of copra (dried coconut meat) and fruit—explore the quaint village of Hakahau and its church, which features a hand-carved wooden dais. Meet the island’s talented woodcarvers and artists, and hike up the hill to the cross for breathtaking views of the mountains, the lush valleys, and the main village.

At Rosalie’s Restaurant, another delicious lunch will be served. Taste some local staples, including breadfruit, taro, and sweet red bananas, along with Marquesan specialties, such as curried goat and poisson cru, a type of raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. After, enjoy an excellent dance performance including the Bird Dance, traditional to Ua Pou.



In the morning, the ship will anchor off the small island of Tahuata. On this leaf-shaped island, the air is thick with the fragrant scent of tiare, frangipani, and history. In 1595, Spanish explorers landed in the village of Vaitahu and opened fire on a crowd of curious islanders, killing about two hundred. Tahuata is also the site of the first French settlement in the Marquesas in 1842. The large church, which was built by the Vatican, is decorated with beautiful Marquesan carvings and a stunning stained glass window. Tahuata also happens to be famous for its exquisite bone and helmet shell carvings. There will be many to choose from in the village.

Located on Hiva Oa, Atuona is the second largest village in the Marquesas. Here, world-renowned artist Paul Gauguin lived and did some of his best work. Visit the colonial store where Gauguin shopped, as well as a replica of the impressionist’s infamous “House of Pleasure” and the adjoining museum. As you walk up the hill to the cemetery, take time to enjoy sweeping views of the bay. Beneath a huge frangipani tree is a tombstone with the simple words: Paul Gauguin 1903. Nearby, pay homage to another famous European seduced by Hiva Oa—Belgian singer-composer Jacques Brel, who died in 1978.

After, you will be treated to a lavish Marquesan lunch at Hoa Nui, a family-run restaurant, and in the afternoon, enjoy some free time to explore the village or set off on a challenging hike to a scenic viewpoint.



Fatu Hiva is lushest and most remote island of the Marquesas. The only access is by sea, since there is no airport. It is also the island of tapa, a traditional cloth which you will have the pleasure of learning about here.

In the tranquil village of Omoa, you will see women pounding mulberry, banyan, and breadfruit tree bark on logs. The bark is then dried and used as a canvas, which the locals will paint with ancient Marquesan designs. Fatu Hiva is also well-known for its hand-painted pareos (sarongs) and monoi, coconut oil infused with “Tiare Tahiti” blossoms, vanilla, or sandalwood. You will meet skilled woodcarvers in the large handicraft centre, where you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Marquesan art and souvenirs.

Before lunch, the ship sails to jaw-dropping Hanavave Bay, also known as the Bay of Virgins, on the other side of the island. Athletic passengers may choose to make the trip on foot. On this unforgettable 16-kilometre hike, you’ll take in breathtaking views of towering cliffs and majestic waterfalls. For hikers, a delicious lunch will be served at the top of a mountain. Sunset in Hanavave Bay is a moment of pure bliss.



In Puamau, travel by foot or hop into a four-wheel drive vehicle to see the most incredible archaeological site for tikis, ancient, human-like religious stone sculptures, outside of Easter Island. Once you reach Mea’e Ipona, our knowledgeable guides will regale you with stories of these ancient enigmatic statues. Surrounded by lush grounds, the site is overwhelming. It has a lot of what Polynesians call mana, which refers to spiritual power. Only a small part of the site has been restored and most of it is still buried under massive trees and rocks.

On the way back to the ship, depending on water conditions you may enjoy a stop to swim at a beautiful black sand beach. During lunch, the ship will make its way to the quaint village of Hanaiapa, which locals often refer to as the botanical garden for its colourful flowers and extensive variety of plants and trees. After lunch, you’ll explore the village.



In the early morning light, the Aranui will arrive in Ua Huka. This is one arrival not-to-be-missed! The manoeuvre entering the small bay and positioning the vessel for departure is truly impressive. On the dry lands of Ua Huka, visit the small museum of Vaiapee, located in the island’s city hall gardens. The museum features exquisite replicas of Marquesan art and our guides will immerse you in this ancient civilization.

Back onboard your four-wheel drive, explore the island, stopping for stunning views of the Pacific, visiting the arboretum and botanical gardens born from the passion of the island’s former mayor, and finally, arriving in the beautiful village of Hane. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

On Ua Huka, wild horses brought from Chile in 1856 outnumber the inhabitants. You may choose to set off on an optional horseback riding adventure, rejoining the rest of the group at the restaurant for lunch.

In the afternoon, continue to discover the island in the fishing village of Hokatu, or join the ship’s guides for a hike up to one of Hane’s viewpoints. You may also choose to simply relax on the beach.

Of course, Ua Huka offers another opportunity to shop for handicrafts such as wood carvings and engraved coconut shells—just a few of the island’s specialties. Back on board, take in the gorgeous views from the deck as the ship sails along the coast of Ua Huka. As an end to a brilliant day, a sumptuous buffet dinner will be served on deck for our Polynesian evening under the stars.



Today marks your final day in the captivating Marquesas Islands. The ship will dock in the Bay of Taiohae, in Nuku Hiva. You may take the local shuttle “Le Truck” or walk to the town centre for some free time.

At noon, the ship will sail to Ua Pou, and dock in the village of Hakahau. You may hike up to the cross once again, stroll around the village, or just spend a lazy afternoon on the beach. This is your last chance for Marquesan art and souvenirs.


DAY 11 / AT SEA 

After an enchanting, enriching journey to the heart of Polynesian civilization, unwind on deck or enjoy the various activities and lectures offered on board.



From the decks, watch our approach and arrival into French Polynesia’s largest atoll—the second largest in the world. Try to spot playful dolphins greeting the ship as we enter Tiputa Pass, one of Rangiroa’s two channels.

Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are available. Scuba diving in Rangiroa is rated as among the best in the world, and all levels are welcome. The Tuamotu atolls, with their pristine location and pure waters, offer ideal conditions for pearl farming. You’ll have the opportunity to visit a working pearl farm and learn how Tahiti’s famed jewel of the sea is produced. And if your dream is to bring one home, the small on-site store features a nice selection of both loose and set pearls.

Should you decide not to go on any tours, enjoy Rangiroa’s white sand beach and translucent lagoon.  The local “mamas” will have an excellent display of shell necklaces, key chains, and other small souvenirs for sale on the beach. In the afternoon, the ship will depart, setting sail for the mythical island of Bora Bora.



Arriving in Bora Bora’s world famous lagoon of opalescent blues and greens, you will be greeted by majestic Mount Otemanu, the island’s highest peak. In this postcard-perfect island paradise, you will enjoy a day at the beach and another delicious picnic on a private “motu” islet, surrounded by crystalline waters. You may also choose from a variety of optional excursions: an island tour by boat or bus, a scenic helicopter flight, a 4WD off-road tour, and a shark and ray feeding—a popular excursion for the bravest among you. Bora Bora was a United States military outpost during World War II, and remnants from the war such as cannons and bunkers can be seen on the 4WD tour.

Tonight, set sail for Pape’ete.



Arrive in Pape’ete in the morning. Bid farewell to your fellow travelers and prepare for your onward journey, taking your memories of the Marquesas and French Polynesia with you.

Dates & Prices

Itinerary Code (Name of Itinerary)  Itinerary Start Date  Ship Name  Route Duration (Nights) Category Pricing PP
Class “C” Dorm Regular Stateroom B Regular Stateroom Single Stateroom Deluxe Superior Deluxe Jr. Suite Premiere Suite Royal Suite Presidential Suite
(Marquesas Islands)
7/18/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 N/A $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
8/5/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
8/24/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
9/12/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
9/30/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
10/19/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
11/7/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
11/25/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
12/14/2017 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,123 $6,480 $8,046 $7,768 $8,386 $8,881 $9,241 $10,117 $12,826
1/13/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
2/1/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
2/20/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
3/10/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
3/29/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
4/17/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
5/5/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
5/24/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
6/12/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
6/30/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
7/19/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
9/7/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
8/25/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
9/13/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
10/2/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
10/20/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
11/8/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
11/27/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320
12/15/2018 Aranui 5 Pape’ete/Pape’ete 13 $4,280 $6,450 $6,720 $8,350 $8,070 $8,710 $9,220 $9,600 $10,500 $13,320

PORT CHARGES INCLUDED: $195 (2017), $210 (2018)

Prices are per person based on double occupancy.

ENPA-03 Single Supplement:

  • 50% of base price listed

*Note: Not available in single stateroom and Class “C” Dorm

Terms and Conditions


  • 3 meals per day (Breakfast is buffet style. Lunch and dinner are in the form of a three-course menu with an appetizer, main
    course and dessert) and complimentary wine
  • Guided excursions
  • Picnic and meals on shore.

Ship Details

Aranui 5

BuiltLengthDecksCabinsPassengersCabin Size
2015126m910325611 - 41m²More Details

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