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Daily Overview

Day Destination Activities
1 Panama City Hotel check-in

Free time to explore Panama City

2 Panama City


Morning at your leisure in the city


3 Guna Yala See islands, palm trees, white sand beaches

Discover the remarkable heritage of the Guna

4 Guna Yala Lounge on the beach, taking in views of the sea

Snorkel, paddleboard, or kayak to explore

5 Charges River

Panama Canal

See UNESCO-listed Fort San Lorenzo

Explore the river’s wild side by skiff or kayak

6 Pearl Islands Archipelago Keep a lookout for dolphins and humpbacks

Snorkel, paddleboard, or kayak to explore

7 Darién Jungle Visit the untamed jungle, spotting wildlife

Discover a local Emberá village

8 Darién Jungle

Marine Life Search

Explore the Punta Patiño Nature Reserve

Set sail in search of marine life


Detailed Itinerary


Upon your arrival at the airport, you’ll be warmly greeted and transferred to the Bristol Hotel for an overnight stay. Unwind from your day of travel by enjoying the hotel’s amenities, or stretch your legs on a walk to nearby city sites and attractions.



Enjoy a morning of leisure at your boutique hotel or explore nearby city markets and cafés. Later, rendezvous with your shipmates in our hospitality area and then cross the peninsula overland to Colón as you transfer to the ship for a hearty welcome from your captain and crew.



Home to one of the best-preserved Native cultures in the Americas, the indigenous province of Guna Yala, formerly known as the San Blas Islands, encompasses over 360 islands of white sand beaches backed by palm trees and dotted with thatched-roof huts. Discover the remarkable heritage of the Guna, or Kuna—don’t pass on a chance to buy their colorful hand-crafted molas. Enjoy the natural wonders of these islands with a snorkel in the crystalline Caribbean waters.



Another beautiful day awaits you in Guna Yala. Savour the slow pace, lounging lazily on the beach or taking an easy stroll in the sand with views of the sparkling sea. Snorkel, paddle board, or kayak among these picture-perfect islands.



Once the “world’s most valuable” river and Panama’s largest, the Chagres was the route by which Incan gold was transported in colonial times. Today, it’s a vital artery of the canal. Walk among the battlements and canons of Fort San Lorenzo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built in the 1500s by the Spanish crown as a military stronghold and sacked multiple times by swashbuckling pirates.

If conditions allow, see the wild side of the river by skiff, paddle board, or kayak. Hundreds of avian species live in this migration hotspot. See ground cuckoos, crested eagles, trogons, toucans, and white hawks, along with their “neighbours”—monkeys, wild pigs, white-tailed deer, and other wildlife. Later, prepare for one of the most memorable travel experiences: transiting between two seas along the 77-kilometre marvel that is the Panama Canal.



Golden sands meet topaz-coloured waters, and beaches make way for lush vegetation and rocky volcanic outcrops on the 90 islands and nearly 130 islets of Las Perlas—the Pearl Islands. Almost entirely uninhabited, the islands are host to a plethora of tropical flora and fauna. Mid-summer through early fall, the archipelago is frequented by dolphins and humpbacks, so keep your eyes peeled for acrobatic spinning and telltale blow spouts. Select your modus operandi—kayak, paddle board, skiff, or snorkel—and set out in a nature lovers’ dream world.



Untouched and untamed, the Darién Jungle is nearly as wild and magnificent today as it was for early conquistadors 500 years ago. Traveling the Mogue River by motorized dugout canoe, your expedition guide will help you spot wildlife—astonishingly-colored roseate spoonbills, ibises, osprey, and raccoons can be seen fishing for breakfast from the water’s edge. After welcoming formalities at a local Emberá village, hear them share their customs and stories, and you’ll have an opportunity to buy handicrafts from the villagers, including their highly-prized and intricately woven rainforest baskets.



Explore the vast Punta Patiño Nature Reserve on foot, part of Darién Province and the largest natural protected area in Central America. Then set sail in search of wildlife, keeping watch for bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, smaller shark species, and early in the migration season, whales. This festive evening includes a special farewell dinner and celebratory slideshow from your expedition team.



After an early breakfast, bid adios to your crew and prepare for your onward journey.

Dates & Prices

Itinerary Code (Name of Itinerary)  Itinerary Start Date  Ship Name  Route Duration (Nights) Category – Cruise Pricing PP
Single Master Commander Captain Admiral Jr. Commodore Suite Owner’s Suite
(Pure Panama)
28/04/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
05/05/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
12/05/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
19/05/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
26/05/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
02/06/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
09/06/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
16/06/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
23/06/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
30/06/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
07/07/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
14/07/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
21/07/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
28/07/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
04/08/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
11/08/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,435 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
18/08/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
25/08/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
01/09/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
08/09/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
15/09/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
03/11/2017 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
04/05/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
11/05/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
18/05/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
25/05/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
01/06/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
08/06/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
03/08/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,565 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
10/08/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,565 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
17/08/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,565 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
24/08/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $7,865 $5,265 $6,045 $6,565 $7,475 $8,385 $9,945
31/08/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
07/09/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725
14/09/2018 Safari Voyager Panama City/Panama City 8 $8,645 $6,045 $6,825 $7,345 $8,255 $9,165 $10,725


ENLA-02 Single Supplement:

All cabins are offered as single at 75% unless already advertised as single; not applicable to Full Charter.



  • Onboard meals
  • Beverages include premium spirits, wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark days
  • Entry fees to national parks/preserves
  • All from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment
  • Wellness amenities: hot tub, fitness equipment, yoga mats, and a complimentary massage

Ship Details

Safari Voyager

BuiltLengthDecksCabinsPassengersCabin Size
1982; Refurbished in 201653m432628.3 - 23.2m²More Details

Travel Tips

Pure Panama

Travel Documents / Visas

1. Passport

Canadian citizens must have a valid passport to enter Panama.

2. Visa

No tourist visa is required for Canadians to enter Panama.

Citizens of other countries should inquire with their travel agent or our office about required documentation.

Please note that Panama has departure taxes which may or may not be included in the price of your airline ticket which are payable at the airport.


Packing List

A handy checklist of what to bring on your trip can be downloaded here.



We very strongly recommend the purchase of appropriate travel insurance for any trip outside of Canada. Information on travel insurance options can be found here.



Not permitted anywhere indoors. There are designated areas on the outside decks.



Temperatures in Panama remains steady throughout most of the year, with daytime highs typically in the high 20s or low 30s. At night the temperature drops to the mid or sometimes low 20s but never below that.

The driest period is between January and April where rain is uncommon and for short periods. Somewhat more rain can be expected for the rest of the year but on average not more than every other day.

Arrival / Departure

You will be met at the airport by our local representative and transferred to Panama City to commence your expedition program. At the end of the trip, you will be brought back to the airport, unless you are booking an extension program with us in which case your trip will end at a centrally located hotel in Panama City.



The currency of Panama is the Panamanian Balboa but the US Dollar is also recognized as legal tender. The Balboa is pegged to the US Dollar at 1:1 so it is easy to exchange and US Dollars are accepted as readily as the local currency.

You may settle your onboard account with a major credit card or in US currency. Elsewhere in Panama, credit cards are acceptable for larger purchases in retail shops and major restaurants, but usually not in smaller restaurants or cafés.

ATM’s accepting most international debit and credit cards can be found in abundance in the cities in Panama. However, as this expedition is largely in remote areas, they will not be as easy to find. Hence, you should have adequate cash with you.

Gratuities (Tipping)

If you are satisfied with your experience, the suggested gratuity is USD$25-35 per person per day to be divided amongst the crew and the guides. Envelopes will be provided on the day before departure.


Unfortunately there are no laundry facilities on board so please bring what you need for the cruise.



All shore landings are included in your cruise fare.

Shore landings will be both dry and wet (meaning you may have to disembark in up to about 30cm of water). Appropriate footwear is recommended.

The tours will may involve a fair amount of walking on sandy beaches and over dirt paths and rocky terrain.  The choice of how much or how little you wish to do is entirely up to you ! However, if you have difficulty walking any distance, please let us know in advance and we will advise how best we can accommodate you.

Activity Level / Strenuousness

Light – Difficult: As noted above, the choice of how much you wish to undertake rests entirely with you ! You can have a wonderful, full experience without doing a 10km hike or kayak ride. We note that if you participate on longer hikes, it can be somewhat lengthy on uneven terrain.

Regrettably, this program is not suitable for those in a wheelchair.

Food and Beverage

All meals are included on your expedition voyage but if you get the chance, you should try to sample some of the local fare.

Panama’s cuisine is similar to much of Latin America but there are a few things to note. “Yuca Frita” is fried yuca root and kind of like eating tropical French fries. “Tamales” will be familiar from the Mexican kitchen, but each country does them a bit differently and the ones here are worth trying.


Your shipboard staff all speak English of course, and although the official language of Panama is Spanish, many local people will speak at least some English.

Medical Facilities

There are no medical personnel onboard the ship. However, crew members are trained in first aid and the purser can contact onshore medical people for emergency and non-emergency situations and evacuation can be facilitated in the most urgent cases.

Phone & Internet

There are no telephones in the cabins, nor is their Wi-Fi or any internet access onboard the ship.

If you need to have a data and phone connection (noting that service will be poor or non-existent away from the major ports), we suggest either arranging an overseas roaming plan with your mobile operator, or pick up a local SIM card if you have an unlocked phone.


Health / Vaccinations

There are no vaccinations required for Panama although we recommend you being up-to-date on all your regular ones.

Malaria may also be present and you inform yourself accordingly whether a prophylaxis is recommended.

The Zika virus is also present in Panama and appropriate precautions should be taken.

As always, we recommend being in good health prior to any long distance travel. We strongly recommend consulting your physician about your intention to travel on this program to receive specific advice for your situation.

Safety & Security

Panama is relatively safe, although as in all Latin American cities, we suggest that our guests remain constantly aware and vigilant, particularly while out at night. It is recommended to leave your valuables in the hotel safe.

For further information, we suggest to consult the following website:

Suggested Reading

Panama Fever: The Epic Story of One of the Greatest Human Achievements of All Time– the Building of the Panama Canal

The Birds of Panama: A Field Guide

The Darien Gap: Travels in the Rainforest of Panama